how a music publishing admin company can help you collaborate with other hit songwriters in 2021

February, 22 2021

If you are serious about a successful music career, you'll need to build a team to help you establish and maximize your brand, as well as organize and administer all of your potential revenue streams. Over the course of your career, you will most likely work with booking agents, record labels, advertising and PR firms, as well as merchandising companies.
However one key member of your team is arguably more critical than the rest. That team member that performs the important function of licensing your music and collecting your publishing royalties: Your music publishing admin company.

Under an Administration Deal, the songwriters retain 100% ownership of their copyrights, and complete control over their music. Your music publishing admin company specializes in registering and licensing your music in order to collect royalties on your behalf. This can be a major revenue source, and your music administrator's job is to make sure you are not leaving any income on the table.

But did you know your music publishing admin company can help you develop collaborative relationships with other hit songwriters?

Grow Your Career Through Collaboration
Collaborating with fellow musicians can be one of the most rewarding steps in building a career in music. Creating with other musicians, lyricists, composers, vocalists, and producers that you admire and respect is a great gateway through which your creativity can adapt and grow. To that point, your music publishing admin company may have connections with other songwriters, artists, co-publishers and subpublishers, a resource that can help set you up with other music creators with whom to collaborate. Are you a producer of track beds but need a top-line melody and lyric writer? Or a session musician stuck within a limited circle of musicians? Call your admin company for a connection.

Think Globally. Your Ideal Co-writer May Be In Another Country.  
Your admin company likely has allies overseas in Europe, Canada, Scandinavia, Asia, Australia and Africa. If you want that international reach, forge a plan with your admin company to have them connect you with songwriters in other regions of the world. Given the consumer bases, currency exchange, and other factors, an international hit may yield more royalties than a regional hit. The benefits of signing with a music publishing admin company can extend worldwide.

The Proper Paperwork
While collaborating with other creatives can be fun and inspiring, it is important that you also have your business chops together. No one wants to come off a successful collaboration, only to enter into a legal battle about ownership percentages, royalties and how the song is marketed—especially after the song becomes a hit. This is where your music publishing admin company can help navigate through the proper administration of your rights.

Your admin company can help you prepare the necessary paperwork to ensure your music is registered and licensed correctly. This can include the initial stage of preparing a split sheet between the collaborators. A split sheet containing the names, contribution types and percentages, as well as rights organization affiliations and identifiers for international registrations, which can make the difference between a mess and success if a song becomes commercially popular. Your music publishing admin company knows how to document and track nuanced information that may not seem intuitive in the studio, but can save the day when those collaborative efforts become hit songs.

Let your Music Publishing Admin Company Handle the Business
Successful collaborations require elements of trust and focus on both the creative and business sides. Your music publishing admin company can take the burden off the business side, allowing you to focus on what you do best in the creative realm.

Simply put, your music publishing admin company is a critically important part of the income, exposure and connections that fortify your successful music career.”