Uplink Music Neighboring Rights

To collect your neighboring rights royalties, Uplink Music works with SoundExchange in the United States and PPL in the United Kingdom to collect the performance and broadcasting income your recordings have generated throughout the world.

Apart from the royalties you are currently collecting through the digital stores, your music may also be generating neighboring rights. Neighboring Rights are defined as public performance royalties that are due to the sound recording copyright holders. Uplink Music’s Neighbouring Rights service will allow for the collection of revenue generated in digital performance royalties channels and processed via our system.

For now, the two channels for this rights type that are integrated into Uplink Music are SoundExchange and PPL. Soundexchange collects royalties in non-interactive streaming platforms, like Internet and satellite radio such as Pandora, SiriusXM, Slacker, iHeart, etc. Master rights collected via traditional radio are available via PPL if the specific qualifications for the artist are met.

If you are interested in this service,

Please reach out to your account manager at
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Please note that 10% of the royalty share is applied to this service.