your bronze plan
drive your music career with:
unlimited audio and video uploads
automated music delivery to digital stores
royalty accounting for all your music
marketing solutions to boost your fanbase
free barcodes and ISRC codes
full suite of marketing, promotional and accounting tools to give you control over your music plan
carga ilimitada de audio y vídeo
entrega automática de música a tiendas digitales
contabilidad de derechos para toda su música
soluciones de marketing para aumentar su número de seguidores
códigos de barras y códigos ISRC gratuitos
un completo conjunto de herramientas de marketing, promoción y contabilidad que le permitirán controlar su plan musical
your gold plan
  • all of the above advantages of “your bronze plan” plus…
  • receive the benefit of turnkey publishing administration from partner company Missing Link Music
  • collect your publishing royalties from ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, HFA, The MLC, Music Reports, and our international network of societies and subpublishers
your platinum plan

all of the above advantages of “your gold plan”, plus the additional services below:

radio promo
worldwide playlisting
synch placement
dsp marketing
career development with designated team
admission to uplink music MCN
your diamond plan

if you qualify and meet specific criteria, you may be eligible for funding through a royalty advance based on prior royalty or pipeline earnings. the diamond plan is a flexible, “pick and choose” plan based on your individual needs, including the option to get an advance. here’s how it works:

determine your eligibility for the “diamond plan”:
to qualify for an advance, your song(s) must have been released for at least one year and amassed a minimum of 150,000 streams in the previous 12 months. however, each candidate will be carefully evaluated on an individual basis, so feel free to inquire about your eligibility without hesitation.
access upfront funds:
once your song(s) or catalog meets the eligibility criteria, the advance will be deposited directly into your bank account.
retain ownership of your recordings:
upon recoupment and the completion of the agreed-upon term, you can relax knowing that you still retain 100% ownership of your recordings.
customize your deal structure:
tailor the terms of your advance: select a single song, multiple songs, or even your entire catalog, and specify the duration of the arrangement. once we gather and analyze the data, we'll present your potential funding and send you a personalized offer.
allocate funds according to your vision:
decide how to allocate your financial resources. whether your extra funds go toward production, marketing, or other goals, the choice is yours.
you’ve got the ideas...
we’ve got the plans.

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