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3 reasons to sign up with Missing Link Music Publishing

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  • get more publishing income

    Missing Link Music is uniquely positioned to collect and pay through to you all of your publishing income, including your mechanical, performance, synchronization, multimedia and international publishing royalties via one central hub.

  • get a publisher you can trust

    Missing Link Music is the legacy company you need, built over 27 years, with a complete network of collection and licensing resources your song catalog deserves. While so many start-up publishers only have the ability to collect publishing royalties from one or two sources (Youtube, MLC, etc), Missing Link Music has built relationships with thousands of global vendors, optimizing your licensing, registration and international royalty collection needs. That means a reliable publishing income stream for you.

  • get a superstar network

    Missing Link Music’s roster of talent gives you access to the world’s top creators, including multi-platinum and grammy-winning artists, songwriters and producers, giving you the network you need to propel your music career forward.